Christian-based Writings

Apart - Passion Paused

I can make love to you in my mind,
but it is just a hologram
see-through and without substance.
Truly, it is far and away
Just a shadow of you.
An image in a memory of
When I would stare deeply
into the soft sapphire glow
of your surrendering eyes,
kiss your tender lips
and dot my kisses
             listening to your
whispered moans flowing
gently through me
lying sensual like satin
onto a loving…
   but mastering mind.

The Brown Dwarf

Identity discovery

I’m a Brown Dwarf.
That’s right.
A Brown Dwarf.

As it reads,
He never met his potential.”

I mean
…they’re right though.
I never reached ten million kelvins…
(That’s what they call it.)
(That’s what I didn’t do.)
…may have reached, like, 7 mil, yeah, but no…
I mean if I’m guessing.

Sure , I could’ve been a Luminous Blue and had
lasting memories of being galactically high on helium
and scorching through my hydrogen reserves
spending my time at the Horsehead makin’ protos,
…but nope.
Just me.
Baaaaaarely visible…
I mean you’ll miss me if I don’t wave.

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