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John Parrilla


I didn’t become a writer by choice. Yeah I had hints along the way that writing would be my passion, but, believe me, it was unintentional. It was 1997 at the Madison Regatta in Madison, Indiana. A friend and I traveled there from Indianapolis with the intention of getting stoned drunk with the locals. There was a boat race there too, I think. I honestly don’t remember ever watching a race though. One memory stands out though, as w walked the strip there were vendors and such along the way and we walked into a tent that had a sign out front that read ‘Palm Readings”. Dude that had us written all over it! True intentions, I could use a good laugh between beers. She took my hand, traced over my lines and the one thing that stood out to her was my life’s work, my career.my calling she called it. She said I was going to be a Poet. I looked at Doug and gave him a ‘see, I told you this was going to be bullshit’ look. I didn’t want to pay her either. She was adamant too and I was offended. I put the money on the table and not in her hand, intentionally. Wow. So here I am, a Poet. A writer. By my own terms. I’m 48 years young. At 28 year mark of my life I fell into a severe depression. My life would soon follow that reflection. I started writing. Church. Poverty. The night sky. Poe. Thomas. Bishop. Plath. Jesus Christ my King. Yeah. At 341 finally climbed out of that hole. I see everything differently. From the light blue hue in the morning sky to the trembling in my chest when I sing along with the choir at my church. These are my writings. This is my style. Enjoy! I pray they bring you answers, or at least leads you to the path.

John Parrilla

God, the Heart and the Darkness: And the Correlation between Them A book of Faith and Poetry

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